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Life Safety Inspections For Travel Trailers & RVs

Performing all safety inspections for related systems in the RV

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Essential, Essential Plus, & Premier Inspections

Includes 500+ inspection points, over 100 photos, & approximately 50 pages of supporting documents

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Owners Bootcamp

A four-hour session for RV owners to ask any questions about their new RV

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About Integrity RV Inspections

RV inspector Chris Reynolds

RV Inspector Chris Reynolds #3141

My name is Chris Reynolds, the owner of Integrity RV Inspections. I love the world of RVing and have turned my passion and eleven years of experience owning towable trailers and motor homes into helping you obtain all the information you need to know the condition of your current RV or the one you want to purchase.

I am an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector and an NRVTA Registered RV Tech. Finding the RV that best suits your needs begins with an RV that is reliable, safe, and will bring you enjoyable and dependable travel.

Helping Buyers & Sellers

A comprehensive inspection of your current or future RV will give you full details and disclosure regarding the condition of the unit at the time of inspection. This information allows you to make an informed decision and/or provides you with a negotiating tool for determining your purchase offer.

If you are a SELLER, I can help you determine if your unit needs immediate repairs that could help improve your ability to obtain the best price for your purchase. A certified inspection can make your RV more marketable and help you get the best price knowing the current condition of your unit.

If you are a PURCHASER, I can help assure you that you have all the best information from an objective third-party inspector for making an informed purchase decision. A professional inspection will focus on safety issues to help ensure you have the assurance that you can sleep easy after a day of travel or just help make you aware of future needed repairs and minimize unexpected surprises.

Do not overpay or buy a unit that brings heartache instead of the fun that you are expecting with one of the largest purchases of a lifetime!

Services Offered

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Owners Bootcamp

Did you just buy a new or used RV and you want to learn more about the amenities that are in the RV? Want a better understanding of how to turn on/off items in different circumstances like 12V vs 30/50amp? How to work slides without power, how to clean holding tanks, get rid of a “poop” pyramid, or troubleshoot the little things. Maybe learn to establish a good routine to set up or tear down at a campground.
All these things can be answered in a New Owner Bootcamp. In four hours you get my full attention and can ask all the questions you want or go over any amenity you want.
*Please note: A contract and payment must be completed along with arranging a location and insuring all requirements for the inspection are available.*
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Essential, Essential Plus, & Premier Inspections

The Premier Inspection includes all 500 plus Safety and Essential Plus Inspection points. Premier level inspections include 2 Fluid Analysis samples. Fluid Analysis of the Chassis Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, or Transmission Fluid. Additional fluid tests are available for additional fees. Generator Engine Oil and Coolant if equipped are also available for Fluid Analysis tests.
This inspection includes a minimum of 100 photos and approximately 50 pages of supporting documentation. Additional photos are generally concentrated on the interior finishes and of the Fluid Analysis samples.
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Life Safety Inspections For Travel Trailers & RVs

All safety-related systems in the RV.

• Perform and document LP gas timed leak test at cooktop burner spud or Quick Connect for 5 minutes at 8 inches of water column gas

• Test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuits in the 6-foot range of the water areas of the bathroom, kitchen, and exterior receptacles

• Test all wall receptacles for correct polarity and ground.

• Test the exterior skin for hot skin that would cause electrical shock

• Emergency Exit Windows Verify all safety windows are operational

• Fire Extinguisher – Verify unit is secure in bracket 24″ to the door and the dial indicates extinguisher is fully charged and document expiration date

• Smoke/Fire Detector – Test and verify operation of the unit and document expiration date of detectors

• Carbon Monoxide Detector (if applicable) – Test and verify operation of the unit and document expiration date of detector

• LP Gas Detector – Verify gas detection and audio alarm. Document expiration date

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Proudly serving Oregon, Southern and SW Washington, & Metro Portland

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